Pc Rathband (left) and Raoul Moat

PC Rathband Family will sue the police over Raoul Moat killing

Northumbria Police faces a court battle over the crucial minutes between Moat phoning 999 and shooting PC Rathband The crucial minutes between gun maniac Raoul Moat phoning 999 to say he was hunting for police and him shooting PC Rathband in the face will be the subject of a High Court action. The officer’s twin brother Darren and sister Debbie Essery are taking Northumbria Police to court, claiming the force was negligent in not passing on the warning to staff on patrol that night. Had he known about the specific threat, they say, he would not have been sat stationary […]


Police inspector sacked over calls to prostitutes

A senior police officer who contacted prostitutes while on duty has been sacked following a misconduct hearing.Inspector Lee Lyons, of Sussex Police, arranged a location and fee for one woman, “Natalie’s”, services for after his shift ended. He also used his personal phone at work to make 23 calls to 11 prostitutes in an hour on 23 July. Mr Lyons, accepted all 21 allegations against him, the disciplinary hearing was told. He did not attend the seven-minute hearing in front of Chief Constable Giles York at Sussex Police HQ in Lewes. Mr Lyons, 40, who was based in Hastings, was […]

Police want to spy on internet histories

Police want to spy on internet histories

Demands are being made by police for permission to snoop on the British public’s internet browsing history, it emerged last night. Forces from across the country have lobbied the government to make internet service providers store web history for a year and allow officers access for investigations, The Times reported. The requested power would allow forces to trawl through the browsing history of persons of interest, which is said to be crucial given the importance of online content in routine cases as well as terrorism. One officer told the newspaper that power was ‘about everyday investigation rather than surveillance’. The […]

Georgia Williams murder

Georgia Williams murder: Failures by police, says report

Georgia Williams murder A murdered teenager was failed by police and social services after it emerged they knew her killer had carried out an earlier attack, a serious case review has found. Jamie Reynolds tried to strangle a girl in 2008 and went on to hang 17-year-old Georgia Williams in Telford in 2013. Georgia’s father, himself a detective constable with West Mercia Police, has called for the publication of an “embarrassing” police report. A number of agencies admitted failures. West Mercia Police was investigated over its previous dealings with Reynolds. An inquiry by Devon and Cornwall Police, seen by the […]

Martin McGartland

Martin McGartland shooting: Ex IRA mole refused to accept apology

A top cop has sent a letter of apology to shooting victim Martin McGartland and offered to work with him to bring his attackers to justice. The former IRA mole has been living in hiding since 1999 when he was gunned down outside his Whitley Bay home and left for dead. In the aftermath of the shooting police released information suggesting the attack could have been linked to local criminals and not Mr McGartland’s former life in Northern Ireland. But now Northumbria Police’s Temporary Deputy Chief Constable Winton Keenen has written a formal letter of apology to Marty admitting the […]

Sue Sim

Sue Sim, In new sexism war with old force – Northumbria Police

A former Chief Constable is at the centre of an extraordinary row with her old police force after a night on the town with a female officer who was accused of being drunk and disorderly. Sue Sim was enjoying an evening in Edinburgh with the serving Northumbria Police officer when her friend had too much to drink and was questioned by British Transport Police at a railway station. The mid-ranking serving officer, who has not been named, was given a verbal warning but was allowed to go home to sleep it off after Mrs Sim intervened. Last night, Mrs Sim, […]

Dogs Destroyed within hours.

Police chief faces court over 27 dogs destroyed

The Sunday Express revealed last year how more than 60 police officers in riot gear swooped on homes in a series of dawn raids targeting pit bull-like dogs that they claimed had lost their “exempt” status because they were not insured. They were removed and the dogs destroyed within hours. A High Court judge ruled in December that the decision by Merseyside Police not to seek a destruction order was illegal. Many owners said they had not received notices their insurance had lapsed, while others had valid insurance. Instead of apologising, Merseyside Police continued with prosecutions against the owners which […]

With semi-automatic weapons, bullet-proof vests, helmets, masks and sunglasses, they guarded Benjamin Netanyahu from potential terror threats in the capital today

Don’t mess with the Met! Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu London visit

These menacing officers, masked and armed, sent a message to any potential threat that the Met is not to be messed with during the Israeli Prime Minister’s visit to London today. With automatic weapons, bullet-proof vests, helmets, masks and sunglasses, they guarded Benjamin Netanyahu from potential terror attacks in the capital as he discussed cooperation with the UK in turbulent times. The intimidating officers are believed to have been carrying Heckler and Koch G36 assault rifles, which are capable of shooting 750 rounds per minute and were used by German forces in Afghanistan. Riding in a fleet of blacked out […]

emergency police car

Emergency police cars given to civilian staff

Seven police forces in England have given emergency police cars with blue lights and sirens to civilian staff not trained to use them, the BBC has learned. Finance, HR and IT directors were among nine senior staff given vehicles. One tax expert said the recipients could save thousands of pounds each year as emergency vehicles are treated differently by HM Revenue and Customs. The forces said the vehicles were part of their wider fleet, and denied they were provided for tax reasons. BBC News sent Freedom of Information requests to all 45 UK forces, asking them if they had provided […]